Falls and Balance from a PTA

My name is Branden Schultz and I have been a PTA with Big Stone Therapies for 6 years. One of my many passions within the Physical Therapy field is addressing falls and balance with our patients. I have taught a falls and balance course since 2018 and enjoy getting to share my knowledge and passion for helping people reduce their fall risk with our PT, OT, and SLP clinicians.

The frequency of falls within our country is increasing at an alarming rate and is projected to further increase as our population continues to age. Some of the biggest contributing factors to falling is abnormal gait patterns, lower extremity weakness, felt unsteadiness with walking, neurological conditions, vision impairments, hazards within the home, medication side effects, and aging. Therapists play a pivotal role in improving patients’ balance and reducing fall risk through education on fall risk factors, assessment through evidence-based balance tests, and providing appropriate treatments to address the physical limitations contributing to falling.

It is important to understand that each patient has a different set of functional goals and specific factors contributing to their fall risk. The therapists at Big Stone Therapies understand this and will individualize a program based on the patient’s needs to allow them to return to daily activities with greater ease, improved confidence, and safety.