What's New at Big Stone Therapies

The Art of Falling

Each year over 30 million adults fall leading to 2.8 million injuries treated in the emergency room and 30,000 deaths.

Guatemala Overview

Our group of 4 recently returned from San Lucas. Below I have provided an overview of the thoughts and experiences

Dementia: How Therapy Can Help

Signs & Symptoms of Dementia How Therapy Can Help Questions or concerns regarding dementia? Contact a therapist at your local


Distinguishing between Peripheral and Central Vestibular Disorders Dizziness can be present in a patient for a number of reasons. The

Concussion Management

What is a concussion? If you would ask this question to10 different people you would likely find that you would

ACL Injuries and Prevention

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the four main stabilizing ligaments of the knee. The ACL prevents excessive