Student Information

Big Stone Therapies is proud to offer opportunities for those exploring and entering Therapy Careers.

We have various opportunities from clinical internships, job shadowing, and even a scholarship program too. Each experience with us gives students a different perspective on the therapy career. We work closely with many schools to provide the best programs available for students. We want your time with us to be lasting and educating for your future as a therapist.

Job shadowing is a great way to figure out which Therapy career is best for you. Shadowing experiences allow you to get in the clinic and get a feel for different therapy professions. These experiences can be requested for an hour or a long-term experience to satisfy requirements for admission to graduate programs.

To schedule job shadowing, call the clinic directly at their phone numbers found here.

We have clinical instructors in most of our locations. BST offers a variety of settings and clinic experiences you can learn in:

  • Outpatient
  • Hospital acute and sub-acute care
  • Long term care
  • Private practice outpatient clinics
  • Schools/Pediatrics
  • Home Care
  • Specialty rotations such as Women’s Health or Pain
  • Science

We appreciate the new perspective and fresh ideas that new graduates bring to our clinics. We also understand the financial investment it takes to become a therapy professional. That’s why we are committed to supporting students throughout their education as well as providing a smooth transition into the working world.