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Alzheimer’s and Speech Therapy

How does Speech Therapy help a patient with Alzheimer’s: Research has shown that the skills that a speech language pathology promotes in an individual with Alzheimer’s dementia and their caregivers can make a large impact on day-to-day life. Furthermore, they can be involved at different times throughout the progression of the disease, to assess and make recommendations. Receptive Language: involves comprehension of what is being said, following directions, and engaging with the environment. Through specific strategies and environmental changes, a

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Fall 2023 Guatemala Mission Trip

This fall we had our 30th mission trip to San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. We had three amazing therapists; Spencer Schaefbrauer, PT in Milbank, SD, Sierra Plotz, PTA in Granite Falls, MN, and Rebecca Wangberg, OT Traveler with Big Stone Staffing.

The Art of Falling

Each year over 30 million adults fall leading to 2.8 million injuries treated in the emergency room and 30,000 deaths. In the US a senior adult falls every second. As our nation continues to age these numbers are projected to

Guatemala Overview

Our group of 4 recently returned from San Lucas. Below I have provided an overview of the thoughts and experiences about the trip form Stephanie Stauss, Megan Gibson and Lynn Simon. Paige Simon (Lynn’s daughter) also went on this trip.