Tips for Summer Family Wellness

With summer cruising by and the kids going back to school just around the corner, we can continue to take the time to delve into outdoor activities that we were unable to during the cold months of winter.

If you’re anything like me, winter is all about hunkering down in your warm home and enjoying some holiday cheer with family. Unfortunately, this holiday cheer usually means stuffing your face with a plethora of baked goods, hearty meals, and beverages packed full of calories. Adding on a lack of physical activity to this amount of holiday fun can leave you and your family feeling a little out of shape for beach season.

Luckily, we have a few ideas to help you stay fit as a family this summer.

1. Take a Hike

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise as a family as it works cardio along with various lower body muscles. Walking in itself is very important to wellness as it helps to burn calories and raise heart rate. Hiking also allows for you and your family to explore different areas within your community while keeping things exciting for the kids. Even better, hiking is free!

2. Play Backyard Games Together

Instead of just holding a backyard BBQ, try setting up a family game to keep everyone active. Various stores sell games such as badminton, volleyball, disc golf, etc. Family games such as a potato sack race or three-legged race are also fun ways to interact together. A backyard pool can add some extra entertainment while providing a different way to exercise.

3. Consider Getting a Dog

If your family is able to support getting a dog, your kids will be more willing to go outside and play or walk with the dog. You can also take the dog on walks as a family in order to burn more calories. Dogs require lots of attention and physical activity which means your family will be able to take time together to take care of your new fur friend.

4. Try Something New Together

Bring variety to your family’s exercise by trying new and exciting ways to get outside while being active. Go horseback riding, participate in family sports, run family 5k’s, or go out and take the family miniature golfing. These activities may seem like all fun, but they can actually burn calories and build/maintain muscle. These activities can also teach your kids new skills and tasks that they may want to explore further

5. Create Healthy Eating Habits

Most importantly, is what you and your family consume to maintain and grow your healthy bodies. Since your children will be home for the summer, that means you have to provide meals and snacks that their school normally would. Try keeping healthy snacks like fresh fruits and veggies around the house rather than sugar and carb filled snacks that way your children are reaching for healthy options when they become hungry. Also, try eating wholesome meals together as a family that provides the proper nutrients. If you are on the go and need to make a fast meal, try meal prepping your lunches so that they are ready to go when you need them. Providing these healthy options for you and your family will create healthy eating habits for the future as well.

The trick to staying fit as a family is to make exercise look fun and enticing so that everyone will be on board. Creating healthy habits for your kids to follow at a young age will also help them to stick with these habits as adults. Spending time with family is an important part to any family dynamic so why not make it fun and healthy for everyone!

Always try to be Rock Solid!