Exercise and Today’s Society

In today’s society we frequently hear talk of how to:

“lose your gut, the new science of weight loss”

“get fit faster”

“slash your blood sugar”

“a glass of wine a day will help you live longer”

Often these slogans encourage the use of variety of products (essential oils, diet pills, 5-hour energy, 6 pack abs, etc.).

What if the answer to living longer and healthier was much more simple than this? What if this “product” was free, could be done anytime, anywhere, was tailored to your liking, and provided you with not just one, but all of the above benefits?

Look no further for the remedy, exercise!

If the recent headline, “Not exercising is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and heart disease, study reveals,” doesn’t grab your attention, reading this article will, as it explains that, “Increased cardiorespiratory fitness was associated with reduced long-term mortality.”

That being said, we here at Big Stone

Therapies hope you are finding time to exercise and be active, and if you’re having a difficult time with these we encourage you to please reach out to your local occupational or physical therapist.