Advice For Overall Winter Health

With the long, cold winter months right around the corner, we can expect those pesky winter blues. You know what I mean; Lack of sunshine, cold temperatures keeping you cooped up inside, and lack of overall stimulation for your physical and mental health. If you’re anything like me, once the hype of the holiday cheer is over, the blues come through full force.

We all face these issues from one time to another, but thankfully we can avoid them by using alternative ways to boost our physical and emotional morale.

Here are some great, fun ideas to maintain your physical and emotional health during winter.

First, we want to discuss physical health and how winter can affect our ability to get out and move especially after consuming all those holiday cookies that we love and cherish.

Winter can often times create speed bumps in our physical health as colder temperatures have us hesitant to venture out on our daily runs and weather conditions make it difficult for us to travel to the gym. By taking small steps we can learn to maintain and even improve our physical health when it seems as if we do not have the time or energy.

Below are a couple ideas to work around these speed bumps:

  1. Steer away from junk food
  2. Junk food/Holiday food will be aplenty this winter season, but it is best to consume in moderation. Lots of fatty foods can cause fatigue and loss of energy which in turn makes us hesitant to stay active
  3. Get out and be social
  4. We may want to stay cozy inside of our homes during winter, but by making the effort to go out and even take a walk with friends we can maintain our physical health
  5. Ice skating can be a great way to get in an exercise with friends
  6. Walk around shopping centers or around neighborhoods to see holiday lights as an easy way to get moving
  7. Consider at-home workouts
  8. Purchase at-home workout DVD’s so that you don’t have to leave your house for a great workout
  9. Dig up those old dumbbells from the basement for a quick muscle building exercise in your living room

Second, and almost more importantly, is emotional health. Our emotions dictate how we feel when we wake up in the morning and how we go about our days. Emotions can also affect our ability to be physical as our energy levels and attitudes fluctuate during winter months. What our body needs nutrition wise can also affect our mood and energy which in turn affects our physical ability.

Below are some tips for revitalizing your body and mind during winter:

  1. Talk to your doctor about Vitamin D deficiency
  2. Due to lack of sunlight and certain dietary needs, people are prone to vitamin D deficiencies. This deficiency can cause lack of energy and weak immune systems.
  3. ¾ of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in Vitamin D according to Scientific American (SA, web.)
  4. Meditate or find an indoor hobby
  5. When we think of winter months we think of the hustle and bustle that comes along with the holidays. To keep your mind at ease, try meditation to calm your thoughts and keep you on track mentally.
  6. To occupy your brain, try picking up a new hobby such as knitting, board/online games, puzzles, and memory games.
  7. Decorate/Brighten up your home
  8. Add scented candles or brighter lamps into your home to combat the darkness of winter
  9. Decorate for the holidays to create some excitement in your living space

Let’s all stay Rock Solid during the long northern winters!