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Dementia: How Therapy Can Help

Signs & Symptoms of Dementia

❖ Memory loss that disrupts daily life

❖ Challenges in planning or solving problems

❖ Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, work or at leisure

❖ Confusion with time or place

❖ Trouble understanding visual images &

spatial relationships

❖ New problems with words in speaking or writing

❖ Misplacing things & losing the ability to retrace steps

❖ Decreased or poor judgement

❖ Withdrawal from work or social activities

❖ Changes in mood & personality

How Therapy Can Help

  • Determine you or your loved one’s exact level of function through an examination by one or more professionals who have received extended education and/or certification in helping individuals with memory changes.

  • Establish techniques to help you safely stay in your home for as long as possible

  • Provide individualized tips to help you stay independent in as many areas as possible.

  • Help you connect with other services in your area that can provide support to you and your loved one.

  • Offer guidance to care givers to help reduce unwanted behaviors

Questions or concerns regarding dementia?

Contact a therapist at your local BST location.

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