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Student Information

Big Stone Therapies is proud to offer clinical experiences for Therapy Students...

Scholarship Program for Therapy Students:


In the interest of recruiting high quality employees and to assist Therapy students with their educational pursuits, Big Stone Therapies, Inc. (BST) has developed a scholarship program to help pay a portion of the educational expenses associated with obtaining a degree in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology (we currently do not have scholarship opportunities for Therapy Assistant students).


We desire to develop a scholarship relationship with Therapy students who are willing to make an employment commitment to BST following the completion of their Therapy degree. The scholarship amount is currently $10,000 (subject to change).





Clinical Experiences:


Big Stone Therapies (BST) is proud to offer clinical experiences for Therapy Students. We work with many schools to bring you one of the best clinical internships in the area. We also invite students in to shadow a therapist if they are interested in the Therapy profession.


We have clinical instructors in almost all our locations. Our locations offer outpatient, hospital acute and sub-acute care, long term care, and private practice outpatient clinics.  BST’s settings offer therapists with varied experiences and from a variety of schools.  You can be confident that the therapists in each clinic are top-notch! 


Students also have the opportunity to attend our Professional Development courses during their clinical experiences! We pride ourselves on the utilization of manual therapy techniques and scientific therapeutic exercise to offer only the highest quality of care.



Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding student clinicals.


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