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Occupational Health

An Onsite Occupational Health Program through

Big Stone Therapies can help you improve in each of these areas.

Our completely customizable program has three primary components that allow us to help you reach your business’ injury prevention goals.

1. Identification of ergonomic concerns through direct observation and interaction with    employees.

2. Educational sessions designed to teach employees potential injury risk factors and how those risks can be managed by working smarter…not harder.

3. Early intervention when an employee does have a musculoskeletal ache/pain through first aid screens that decrease overall medical care costs and keep employees at work while improving their health.

The companies we serve report that a partnership with Big Stone Therapies has had a      demonstrable impact on, not only their costs related to injuries, but has helped to change the culture of their organization, leading to happier and healthier employees. Let us know how we can serve you, and help you reduce the pains associated with work related injury.


Additional Services Available

Ergonomic Evaluations:  During an ergonomic workstation evaluation, our trained staff will observe the employee performing job-related duties at their workstation, make adjustments to the equipment and      station, and offer further recommendations based on the observations.  Through ergonomic evaluations, we identify the stressors that lead to overuse type of injuries that your employees may be experiencing and make recommendations for reducing or eliminating them.   We fit the work to the worker.

Fit Back/Fit Neck: These educational sessions are designed to help employees and employers              understand how to work smarter, not harder.  Education focuses on using proper lifting techniques, muscle recruitment, and hand on training on how to complete repetitious and physically demanding aspects of the job.

Functional Job Description (FJD):  Functional job descriptions written by our professionally trained staff who will come on site, evaluate and measure the physical demands of a job, and then create a job specific set of physical demands required to complete the job.  FJDs are invaluable in helping to rehab injured workers in a functional manner to have them return to work more quickly and safely.  Functional job descriptions can then be used to create a job specific pre-employment screen.

Pre-work Screen (PWS):  A pre-work screen is a post offer physical exam to determine if the candidate can perform the specific physical demands of the job.  These physical demands are gathered through the functional job description, as the most difficult physical demands of the job.

Fitness for Duty Exam (FFD):  A Fitness for Duty Exam or Return to Work screen is similar to a PWS.  The objective of a FFD is to ensure the employee is physically capable of performing their job safely after being out of work.  The screening therapist will test the applicant for endurance such as additional reps of weighted activities, tests with questionable functional safety or tests that target the injured areas.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE):  A FCE is a standardized assessment used to evaluate injured employees who have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, but are not able to return to their regular jobs.  A FCE tests the functional capabilities of workers to perform a variety of work-related tasks, such as maximum safe lifting and carrying ability, hand coordination, tolerance for a variety of postures, walking, climbing, and many more.  A FCE can be customized to fit a worker’s current job description. FCE results can be  utilized to perform a job match, within a company, if unable to return to original position due to    restrictions.

Consultation Services:  Consultation services are performed by our trained professional staff and are usually billed at an hourly rate. We offer a variety of consultation services including:

¨ Job Rotation Planning

¨ Individual Evaluation of Specific Workers, Their Work, and Worksites

¨ Early Intervention for Potentially Injured or Immediately Injured Employees

¨ Ergonomics Team Training

¨ Complete Worksite Redesign

¨ Wellness Program

¨ CPR Instruction

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