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Our Services

The job we have is straightforward - make you STRONGER in all facets of life...

Here at Big Stone Therapies, we're always innovating and finding out the newest techniques to help our patients.

That's why we offer a number of specialty services, from physical therapy, athletic training, occupational health- and countless items in-between. 

We know that wellness and recovery are both extremely important. From the moment you walk in the door at your local Big Stone location, to sitting down with one of our kind professionals, and all throughout your time with us, we're confident that you'll find your whole recovery rock solid. 


If you're interested in learning about any of our other specialty services, contact us!



Occupational Therapy

Exemplary, quality care at every visit...

When an individual is in pain or their mechanics just aren't working the way they should be, the goal is always to get back to the way things should be. By focusing on people as individuals, we succeed in getting patients to resume a healthy, active lifestyle.


That’s our goal for each and every individual who comes into BST.

Big Stone Therapies offers occupational therapy services designed to help people of all ages recover, maintain, and return to activities of proper, comfortable daily living.

Physical Therapy

Here for your wellness...

Big Stone Therapies offers physical therapy services to help people of all ages restore musculoskeletal function, mobility, and strength following illness, injury, or surgery.

Our physical therapists work together with a patient’s physician to develop an individualized plan of care that may include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and functional training.

Speech Language Pathology

Specialists when it comes to communication...

Big Stone Therapies offers speech-language pathology services to help people of all ages restore, improve, or maintain communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders. 

We work to remove obstacles that stand between each patient and success by listening – really listening – when patients have concerns and problems.

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