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BST Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program for Therapy Students:


In the interest of recruiting high quality employees and to assist Therapy students with their educational pursuits, Big Stone Therapies, Inc. (BST) has developed a scholarship program to help pay a portion of the educational expenses associated with obtaining a degree in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology (we currently do not have scholarship opportunities for Therapy Assistant students).


We desire to develop a scholarship relationship with Therapy students who are willing to make an employment commitment to BST following the completion of their Therapy degree. The scholarship amount is currently $10,000 (subject to change).

Testimonials from our students:

"I was very interested in working for BST after shadowing at the Marshall location. It helped pay for some of my schooling and allowed me to have a good relationship with BST for potential job offers!" 

-K.B. 2017 OT Grad

"I would recommend anyone who enjoys working with amazing co-workers, who wants to advance their clinical knowledge, and who needs a little extra jingle in their pockets (everyone)!"

-M.M. 2018 PT Grad

"I would recommend the scholarship to anyone like me who is from a rural area...There are several BST locations across multiple states and they are continually growing so there will be many job opportunities."

-D.B. 2019 PT Grad

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