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Guatemala Mission

Learn about how we share our skills to work with those in need...

Did you know...

BST sends a group to Guatemala twice a year, every year since 2007!


The goal of the mission trip is to provide rehabilitation therapies to the men, women, and children of the impoverished area.  Rehab might include actual hands-on manual therapy to increase range of motion; perhaps it includes fitting a person in a wheelchair that was donated and brought along with the team; or maybe it is educating parents on techniques they can use every day to help their child heal, grow, and progress.


Therapists who commit to this humbling journey offer knowledge and expertise, but the knowledge and expertise is often challenged by less than ideal conditions and lack of resources.  Our clinics in the States are equipped with ultrasound machines, pulley systems, and traction tables. In Guatemala, therapists improvise with duct tape, Velcro, and most importantly, their imagination.


To learn more about the mission or to donate, go to:

Check out this video featuring BST staff and UMary PT Students from 2017!

Pictures from throughout the years!

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